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I.L.Peretz, Poland (1852-1915) LITERAL COMPREHENSION: "If Not Higher" is written by I.L Peretz. He was a short story writer from Poland. The story gives the message that selfless service is the path that leads someone to heavenly glory. The person who is dedicated to social service achieves heavenly glory on earth.  The story is about the mystery of where the Rabbi ( spiritual leader ) of Nemirov goes and what he does during the Penitential Prayers in the days before. Early every Friday morning at a time of Penitential Prayer ( Showing or constituting penance ) where religious services were performed, the Rabbi of Nemirov disappeared. He wasn't found at home too. People thought, he went to heaven at that time. They had the strong belief that he ascends to heaven for the welfare of the people. But once, a Litvak came there and laughed at them. Pointing out the story from Gemraha, he mocks at them and said that Moses was suspended two and a half feet below heave

The Brave Little Parrot

Source: Buddhist Legend (Rafe Martin's Adoption) LITERAL COMPREHENSION: "The Brave Little Parrot" is taken out from Buddhist legend. This short story deals about the importance of continuous helpful effort done by a little parrot to other creatures in the jungle. Long ago, the Buddha was born as a little parrot and went to live in the jungle. One day, there was lightning, and the thunder struck the jungle, and the fire took the jungle in its grip. All the birds flew away to save their lives. Many animals got trapped on the flames and smoke. While the parrot was flying to the rivers, he saw on the way that many animals were trapped in the fire. The little parrot saw the plight of the animals. He was kind and brave. Not being able to tolerate the sufferings of animals, the little parrot made a plan to save their lives. The parrot flew towards the river, dived into the water, flew back and dropped the water of his body over the fire. But the water disappeared

Yudhisthira's Wisdom

CHARACTERS : 1)KUNTI                                 2)MADRI                     -Yudhisthira                            -Nakula -Bhima                                    -Sahadeva -Arjuna 3) YAKSHA (Yama, the god of justice and righteousness)  LITERAL COMPREHENSION : This story is taken from the Mahabharata, one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India. While hunting for deer in forest, the five Pandava brothers grew thirsty. Exhausted (very tired) Yudhisthira , the eldest brother sends Sahadeva to search for water.  He came across a beautiful pond and was ready to drink water hurriedly. But, all at the sudden some voice stopped him from drinking until he could answer all the questions asked by anonymous voice. Thinking it might be an illusion, he drank water. He sooner got fainted. Similarly, Nakula , Bhima and Arjuna got the same fate and did not return. Then Ydhisthira goes to search for his brothers. He finds a beautiful enchanted pool but un