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Psychoanalytic criticism is an approach to literary criticism. It is influenced by Sigmund Freud , Carl G. Jung and Jacques Lacan . This literary theory/criticism sees a literary work as an expression of the unconscious of the individual psyche of its author or of the collective behaviour/unconscious of a society or of the whole human race. It is a means to understand the literary text properly and psychoanalytically. It is a kind of psychoanalytical reading as well. We can develop our understanding to literary text through psychoanalytical theory. It operates the literary text and produces a clearer picture of the text from which we can easily get mastery over the text. Psychoanalytical criticism is one of the most important reading techniques to understand the psychological and mostly ambiguous literary text as well. This theory/criticism is concerned with dynamics not only of the psyche but with the dynamics of interpersonal relations. Freud provided convincing evidence tha