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9. Comparison and Contrast - TWO WAYS TO BELONG IN AMERICA

Please click  YouTube link below to see/read Summary of Comparison and Contrast Essay: 9. Comparison and Contrast (Dakshya Online) TWO WAYS TO BELONG IN AMERICA   Bharati Mukharjee   Born in 1940 in Calcutta, India, novelist Bharati Mukherjee immigrated to the United States in 1961 and earned an M.F.A. and a Ph.D. in literature. Now a naturalized U.S. citizen, she teaches at the University of California at Berkeley. Her fiction often explores the tensions between the traditional role of women in Indian society and their very different role in the United States.  “ Two ways to belong in America”  first appeared in the New York Times. It was written to address a movement in Congress to take away government benefits from resident aliens (foreigners). This is about the issues that confront all immigrants in America.    In America, it is a common misconception that all foreigners are similar; it is believed that they all have similar dreams and each of them end up chasing after the same jo

Summary of The Wish - Roald Dahl

THE WISH Roald Dahl  (1916-1990) was a British poet, novelist, short story writer, screenwriter and war time fighter. He was born in Wales of Norwegian immigrant parents. He spent his childhood in England and, at the age of eighteen, went to work for the Shell Oil Company in Africa. When the World War II broke out, he joined the Royal Air Force and became a fighter pilot.  The story  'The Wish'  is about a young boy and his imaginative game of carpet. He fantasies that his carpet is alive with snakes and fire. Using imagery and metaphor, Dahl uses the character of a curiously imaginative young boy to help us reflect on the delicacy of our childhood innocence. This story goes inside the mind of a young child to explore his imagination. This is about a  young boy  who had a  frightening event in his childhood .  SUMMARY :   This story is completely based on the imagination of the main character who is a child. This story has presented imaginative acts of this main character in an