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IELTS SPEAKING RANGE OF QUESTIONS & SAMPLE ANSWERS APRIL 2018 Q. Where are you from? A.  I am originally from Butwal. This town is located in Rupandehi district in the Lumbini Zone of Western Nepal. And for the time being, I am staying in Kathmandu, which is the capital city of Nepal. To be more specific I have been living here since the year 2015. Q. What are the most common foods in your locality? A.  It’s quite a complex question for me because where I am originally from is a place where people are from different castes and ethnicities. However among the variations of foods common in this area I should choose chapatti, also called Roti as the most common food item. It is made of flour. Chapati or Roti with vegetable curry is very tasty and delicious. It is the most preferred food item for lunch, breakfast, and dinner. Among other food items, rice, chicken curry and different sweets are very common as well.  Q. What is your favourite menu? Why? A.  My favourite menu i