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WHY GO TO UNIVERSITY? a Brief Summary of an Essay Written by Moti Nissani

Moti Nissani, USA (1947-) LITERAL COMPREHENSION: Moti Nissani , the editor of this book, has presented ten advantages of going to Universities in this essay. This essay is about the value of education. Nissani shows some disadvantages and many advantages of a university Education. He says that we have to spend a lot of time and money in university but it yields sweet fruits. We go to university for a formal degree. If we go to Universities, we have to overwork instead of enjoying our lives. We face additional worries. The results of different tests don't make us happy. Universities cost a lot, and we spend time and money instead of earning. To some extent, ignorance is happiness. Knowledge is responsible for many social problems. In spite of a few disadvantages, a university Education has many more advantages. Though going to university might create additional stress in life, there are much more advantages than disadvantages. Firstly, university education provides inc