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UNIT 7: Giving Instructions and Describing Purpose

 Page (79-88) STUDY TIME ( page 85 ) Supply appropriate question tags for the following stems:  Anudan never works hard, does he ?  Someone has come, haven’t they ?  Let him play the music, will you ?  Don’t run, will you ?  Raj Kishor hardly recognized us, did he ?  There was a lot of traffic, wasn’t there ?  There are a lot of people, aren’t there ?  Let’s have some tea, shall we ?  Let the hermit (a solitary or religious person) convince the minister, will you ?  Let’s wish for his long life, shall we ?  No one knows me there, do they ?  Instructions for Preparing Tea Place a kettle on the stove. Add required water to the kettle and turn the stove on.   Add some teabags/tea-leaf in the kettle. Steep the tea for at least 5 minutes. Add milk and/or sugar if desired. Enjoy your tea with or without cookies. Instructions to Prepare an Omelette  Crack eggs in a bowl, and whisk until yolks break. Add peppers, garlic, and onions and whisk again. Put a frying pan o