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Business Letter (Complain Letter)

  9 BUSINESS LETTERS AND MEMOS Dear Sirs, My recent order which arrived safely contained two items: one Red Pyjama, and one White Stripe Pyjama. Our daughter is four and a half months old, weighs 7 kilos, and is 61 centimetres long. In other words, she is a fairly average size for her age. Given this, we were confident that the right size of pyjama for her would be the 70 cm, which you claim will last until the baby is some nine months old. To our great disappointment, the Red is a tight fit now, while the White stripe is comfortable fit now, and may last, say, one or two months. Misleading labelling and predictions are unfortunate in any circumstances, but doubly so when the customer lives abroad. Apart from the trouble and cost of returning the things, the fact is that our daughter needs the garments that we ordered now, and we can thus hardly afford any delay. Could you please let me know whether it is your normal policy to overestimate the age and size for which particular

3. ARRANGEMENT 4. Drafting and Revising

  RECOGNIZING A PATTERN Sometimes arranging your ideas will be easy because your assignment specifies a particular pattern of development. This may be the case in a composition class where the instructor may assign or descriptive or on narrative essay. Also, certain assignments or exam questions so just how your material should be structured. For example, an instructor might ask you to tell you about how something works or an exam question might ask you to trace the circumstances leading up to an event. If you are perceptive, You will realize that your instructor is asking for a process essay and that the exam question is asking for either a narrative or a cause and effect response. The important thing is to recognize the cues such assignments give and to structure your assignments accordingly.  For example, if questions like “what happened” and “when did it happen” yielded the most useful information about your topic, you should consider structuring your paper as a narrative.  Underst

Darkened by the Light!

Characterised, dramatised, popularised and politicised  Politics , Yes, you are circumcised. Insane, inhuman, impute and inbreed you may; Hanumans and flatterers Surrounded by corrupters   Politicians , Though you are poeticised In the rhyme of vandalized  Yes, you are criticised In the heart of individualised.  You, the mind of feudalised Suffered being generalized  Even being stereotyped   I see you are ideologised  Though for a time being You are popularised. I fear the day you get categorised Being called prostitute, tagged in the local market, Tottering being touched and tormented  Then you might realise Foreseeing the day The costs I paid on you The Luxuries they spent on you All vain in that brothel Darkened by the light Destined are you for the plight!