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William Shakespeare Fathom: bottom Thy: your Coral: मूँगा  Pearls: मोती Knell: ring as in announcing death Suffer a sea change: undergo a transformation Hark: listen Full Fathom Five Thy Father Lies is taken from Shakespeare's play The Tempest , Act 1, Scene 2. Here the spirit Ariel sings this song to Ferdinand , Prince of Naples , who mistakenly thinks that his father is drowned into the sea. Ariel is telling Ferdinand that his father lies thirty feet below the surface of the sea.  Ariel is a spirit who is a very comic and miraculous (being or having the character of a miracle) character. He flies up invisibly and plays melodious music and song. In the given poem, he gives sympathy to Ferdinand, who is very sad on the death of his father. The Spirit Ariel tries to make the death meaningful with his melodious description. The Spirit Ariel says that Ferdinand’s father has been drowned into the sea. His body has been lying 30 feet below at the bottom of the