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Summary & Analysis of "Riders to the Sea" - John Millington Synge

    Riders to the Sea  is a one-act play written by Irish playwright  John Millington Synge . The play is set in the  Aran Islands  off the west coast of Ireland and revolves around the tragic experiences of a family whose menfolk have been claimed by the sea. The characters in the play are: 1.     Maurya:  She is the mom of the family. She has lost her husband and sons to the sea. She is very sad and worried about bad things happening. 2.     Cathleen:  She is Maurya's daughter. She tries to make her mom feel better and takes care of the family. 3.     Nora:  She is also Maurya's daughter. She gets upset easily and wants her brother Bartley to go to the sea even though their mom is scared. 4.     Bartley:  He is the last son left. He wants to sell a horse at the market and thinks the sea is not dangerous, even though his mom disagrees. 5.     Michael:  He is one of Maurya's sons who died at sea. 6.     Colum Shawn:  He is another son who also died at sea. 7.     The Women

Chapter 10: Philosophical Approaches to Translation

Chapter 10: Philosophical Approaches to Translation ➢     Philosophers have been discussing translation for centuries, but it was not until the 20th century that translation became a central concern for some philosophers. ➢     Some of the key figures in philosophical approaches to translation include  Ludwig Wittgenstein ,  Walter Benjamin ,  Martin Heidegger ,  Willard Quine ,  Donald Davidson ,  Hans Gadamer ,  Paul Ricœur ,  Jacques Derrida ,  Judith Butler ,  Gayatri  Chakravorty  Spivak , and  Barbara Cassin . ➢     Despite the work of these philosophers, the impact of philosophical approaches to translation on the development of translation studies has been limited. This is because the history of translation studies has been shaped more by a linguistic perspective than a philosophical one. ➢     Anthony Pym  has categorized the three ways in which philosophy and translation are linked: 1.     Philosophers have used translation as a case study or metaphor for issues of more gener