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Chapter 8: Cultural and Ideological Turns

Chapter 8: Cultural and Ideological Turns ●       The cultural turn and the ideological turn are two important developments in translation studies that have occurred since the 1980s. The cultural turn is a shift in focus from the linguistic aspects of translation to the cultural and ideological aspects. This shift was influenced by the rise of cultural studies, which emphasizes the role of culture in shaping our understanding of the world. The ideological turn is a further development of the cultural turn, which focuses on the role of ideology in translation. Ideology is a system of beliefs and values that shapes our understanding of the world. It can be used to justify or legitimize certain practices, including translation. ●       The cultural and ideological turns have had a significant impact on translation studies. They have led to a more nuanced (refined) understanding of the translation process, and they have also raised important questions about the role of translation in socie