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Background: Tim Winton , full name  Timothy John Winton , is an Australian author born in 1960. He writes novels for both adults and children, often focusing on life and the landscape of Australia. In 1982, he won The Australian Literary Award for his unpublished manuscript,  An Open Swimmer , beating 35 other writers. Some of his famous novels are  That Eye ,  the Sky  (1986),  Dirt Music  (2001), and  Breath  (2008). He also wrote children’s books like  Lockie Leonard ,  Human Torpedo  (1990),  The Bugalugs Bum Thief  (1991), and  The Deep  (1998). The story  Neighbours  is from the book  Migrants of Australia , edited by  Harwood Lawler . It tells about a newly married couple living in a diverse neighborhood. The story shows how people can overcome cultural and language differences through love and kindness. SUMMARY: When the young couple first moved into their new neighborhood, they were cautious. The street was filled with  European immigrants , making them feel like strangers. A 

Determiners and Quantifiers

  Determiners and Quantifiers   Determiners and quantifiers are words we use before nouns to clarify the noun's context in a sentence. They tell us things like " which one " or " how many ." Determiners are like pointing words. They help specify a particular noun. Examples: the book (a specific book), that cat (a specific cat), my car (a specific car) Quantifiers tell us about the amount of a noun. Examples: some books (not all, but a few), many cats (a large number), a few cars (a small number) " The cat ate all the food. " The (before cat and food): This determiner tells us we're talking about a specific cat and specific food. All : This quantifier tells us the cat ate the entire amount of food.

2. Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology (LBC BMS Sociology Notes)

Learning Objectives Explain sociological perspective. Learn about functionalism, interactionism, conflict theory, and postmodernism. Evaluate the contributions of key figures like  Emile Durkheim ,  Talcott Parsons ,  G. H. Mead ,  Herbert   Blumer ,  Karl Marx ,  Max Weber ,  Fredric Jameson  and  Jean Baudrillard's  to these perspectives. What is Theory? "A theory is a set of closely related ideas we use to make sense of things. It's like a puzzle where all the pieces fit together. It's a logical system made up of ideas, definitions, and statements that explain how different parts of something are connected. According to  Abraham Francis , a theory has these traits: It uses clear concepts and logical statements. It's like a structured blueprint using symbols. It's flexible - we can change it as we learn more. It matches what we already know and can be tested with evidence. Sociological Perspective A sociological perspective is like putting on a pair of glas