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The Wife - Beater: Gayle Rosenwald Smith

  THE WIFE BEATER Gayle Rosenwald Smith   Definition: Accentuated - to make more noticeable or prominent. Wife-Beater  1.              A man who physically abuses his wife 2.             A tank-style underwear shirt Gayle Rosenwald Smith  was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She's currently a lawyer practicing in family law. She's a part of the American Bar Association and Philadelphia Bar association. She mostly published articles for newspapers like Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer etc. She is also co-author of  What Every Woman Should Know About Divorce and Custody . This essay basically explains how the " Wife Beater " undershirt is misnamed and how she feels it glorifies men beating their wives. She hates that it only disturbs her and that people under 25 do not mind the name of the shirt and what she feels it represents. She states that only men that wear these undershirts beat their wives and that this undershirt equates to violence. The essay has a ve

I Want a Wife - Judy Brady

 Please click  HERE  to watch summary and analysis of I want a "Wife" 

The Two Soldiers - Summary

  THE TWO SOLDIERS Guy de Maupassant Following Summary is compiled version of summaries collected from different sources including text book (NEB Grade XI). Please copy accordingly. In mid Victorian literature there is not too much mention of sex in an American story. In America sex was a taboo subject. The writers who approached it so did very cautiously. This wasn't true during the same years in France. Love making was was considered undeniable fact of life and was treated as such in French literature. The story The Two Little Soldiers  was written by Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893). He was a French writer, who has written some 300 short stories, six novels, three travel books, and one volume of verse. Maupassant wrote short stories like The Necklace and Bel Amim, but he also wrote poetry and novels. He was an author of the naturalistic school. This story is a bizarre triangular love story which has a completely unexpected result at the end. This story has presented various flaws o