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A Story from the Island of Hokkaido, Japan. The Loving Mother  is a story that reveals the everlasting love of a mother to her baby even after her death. It particularly gives central focus around the mysterious arrival of a woman at the pharmacist’s usually at midnight. Mr Shoji Sakota was a pharmacist in the city of Sappora on Hokkaido Island in northern Japan . He runs his own drug store in the same building where he used to live. He used to live alone in the rear part of the building because his wife had died several years ago.  Shoji Sakota , the protagonist of this story undergoes an unseen fear when he received the frequent visit of a young woman at the same time almost every night.  One stormy winter night in 1964, Mr. Sakota was working in his drug store at about mid night. As it was the end of the fiscal / financial year, he was very busy with the profit, loss and the management of accounts of the whole year. At that time, there was a knock on the door. At first h