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Darkened by the Light!

Characterised, dramatised, popularised and politicised  Politics , Yes, you are circumcised. Insane, inhuman, impute and inbreed you may; Hanumans and flatterers Surrounded by corrupters   Politicians , Though you are poeticised In the rhyme of vandalized  Yes, you are criticised In the heart of individualised.  You, the mind of feudalised Suffered being generalized  Even being stereotyped   I see you are ideologised  Though for a time being You are popularised. I fear the day you get categorised Being called prostitute, tagged in the local market, Tottering being touched and tormented  Then you might realise Foreseeing the day The costs I paid on you The Luxuries they spent on you All vain in that brothel Darkened by the light Destined are you for the plight!

You feel High even being Obsessed!

 I  mock  seeing you amazed. Insane are they though they be glad The world already on the race track, started just as you behave  You, the marron doomed by the fate I hasten ahead, since I do hate Success, prosperity as they might have dreamt about you, Boomed and doomed in real has happened upon you Destined by the luck, overwhelmed with the jests  Crawling and creeping, griming on your steps You feel high even being obsessed  Gaol is that place I call without haste  Sledging on you, as they are the one I hate the best. My country, would you have had a man for you to breathe;  Sure, I would have rested in the peace with the mighty grace!!

Raped by the Luck!

  Luck , I wish I could I dire everyone should Yes! we would Together, We fought and fight the fights for the rights  With the might twisting the right Day and nights, year by years  But the dream I saw, I fear in spite it's crystal clear By God! now I smear as I swear  About the dream that I hear; A prolonged limp in my mind  I hoof as I sing and wring I fear I can never bring My country , You are the beer Drunk by the peer Engraved everywhere; Hindered by the luck Bewildered by the shock So, I fear you can never gear I totter seeing your fear Politics , I dare You can never bear The country where you rared Whose beauty you smeared  Raped by the luck Shocked you are sucked;  ... and I give up!! Seeing you rise up.