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Gatsby's house becomes much quieter, and his party's come to an end. Nick visits, and learns that Gatsby ended the parties because he no longer needed them to attract Daisy. He also learns that Gatsby also fired all of his servants because Daisy thought they might gossip about their relationship (she now visits often during the afternoon). Gatsby was concerned that the old servants were gossiping in town about Daisy’s visits to his mansion. The new servants may not actually be servants. They are rude, and the house is in disarray (chaos/disorder). He replaced the servants with some of Wolfsheim's men. As soon as he gets Daisy, Gatsby no longer needs "new money" parties. But Gatsby can't escape the way he corrupted himself in his quest to become rich enough to win Daisy, as the presence of Wolfsheim's men shows. Gatsby calls Nick to invite him to Daisy's house for lunch. Jordan Baker and Gatsby will be there, as well as Daisy and Tom. Nick agre