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Unit 9:Giving Directions

II. Manechauka: A place that Holds a Memory Read and Answer  Read the text above, and answer the following questions:  What does Manechauka remind the writer of? - Manechauka reminds the writer of his childhood.  Where is it located? - It is located in the northern part of Tanahun District. Why is it unique for the writer? - It is unique for the writer because of its natural beauty.  What has the writer learned from the place? - The writer has learned to swim, climb up and down the hills, read and write, and adjust himself in society of total harmony.   Write down any five facilities that a person can enjoy there. - School, campus, electricity, telephones and internet service. Read the text again, and decide whether the following sentences are true or false.  The writer learnt to swim in Manechauka. TRUE He started his schooling from there. TRUE Only Hindus live there. FALSE People have a feeling of fraternity. TRUE Manechauka is situated in the western part o