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Unit 10: Interpreting Graphs, Charts and Diagrams

Enrich Your Vocabulary  Choose the synonym (s) of the underlined word(s).  John greeted his friend with a warm smile and firm handshake. C. Welcomed The old man grasped his young grandson’s hand tightly, so he couldn’t run onto the road. B. Held I’m interested in learning more about the customs of other countries. C. Traditions Remember, when you meet Mr Robin, he doesn’t like any physical contact . B. Touching Choose the best options and fill in the blanks.  A nod can be used to greet someone or to show agreement. Jimba stuck out his hand towards the woman, but she refused to shake it. Ken hurt his back after his deep bow to the foreign visitor. The styles in this store range from old-fashioned to modern. Getting down on your knees is a ritual to honour the dead in this country Read and Tick Read the text again, and tick the best answers. What is the text mainly about? = The wide range of greeting customs in the world Which of the following is

Unit 8: Asking for Reasons, Purposes and Their Responses