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Garica Marquez This story is about the powerful imagination of the boy. Sometimes a person’s creative power becomes so sharp that he can see his vision in concrete form. A normal mind with limited power of creativity hardly sees such picture.  This story which is written by applying stream of consciousness technique explains how a boy deepens his observation and grows from an ordinary boy to an assertive young man.   The boy, who is also main character of the story used to go to the sea where he  used to see a mysterious ship in his childhood. The ship used to appear when there was darkness. The ship was bigger than the village and taller than the steeple of the church. But he could not see the ship in the later years. However the boy didn't stop going to sea. He had determined to show the existence of ship to the villager after he was beaten on charge of being a liar. After many years he saw the same ship by the  harbour .  When the story starts we find the boy is al