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There are many kinds of love and each love depends on what we feel for another. Love can be either strong or weak. There could be love that you may have for your parents, children, pets, friends, relatives, or just about anyone , other than the love between two people. The love between two people of a couple may be different because we find more sacrifice, understanding  and honesty in it, the love among family members is driven by responsibility.  As It Was in the Beginning - E. Pauline Johnson The story  As It Was in the Beginning written by E. Pauline Johnson who is a member of the Cree tribe a Canadian Aboriginals is about Esther , a young Aboriginal woman who left her family to become educated and converted to Christianity. She has learned the white man's ways but is very homesick. She misses the more natural surroundings of her people. The story is important because it deals with very universal issues like homesickness, prejudice (preconception) , and love.  The s