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Pedro Antonio de Alarcon, Spain (1833-1891) CHARACTERS: Uncle Buscabeatas (60 Years old Farmer, who has been working in the field for the last 40 years) Uncle Fulano Market Inspector Policeman Vendor   This is a short story. The major event of the story begins in  Rota , the smallest town in the bay of  Cádiz . The major character of the story is Uncle Buscabeatas who solves the mystery of lost pumpkins by using his  creative and critical mind . This is a story of a village situated at the bay Cádiz. This is the place which was liked even by the duke of Osuna. He had made a beautiful castle because of his fascination with this place.   The writer claims that he could describe this castle brick by brick but he admits that his intention was not to describe any duke or castle but his purpose is to describe the hard labour of the people who are living on the same island. Antonio writes that the soil of this village is not so fertile which consists of sand but the farmers here are so hard