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-Rudyard Kipling This story is written by Rudyard Kipling. In this story, the writer has shown his bitter view of the world. The Gardener ends surprisingly revealing the reality of Helen Turrell, the protagonist, and her relationship with Michael Turrell. Michael, whom Helen calls nephew, is in reality, her son whose father is unknown throughout the story. The gardener is a mysterious character who does not appear at first and in the middle but only at the last of the story creating confusions in the readers. Helen hides the truth about Michael till the end of the story, but she does not show any reaction when the gardener confidently says he will tell where her son lies. When Helen became pregnant she was ashamed because she was not married. She left her home in England to have the baby in the south of France. When she returned to England, she pretended that the baby was in real her brother’s child. Her brother, George Turrell, lived in India but he had died falling off his ho