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BBS Second Year TU Model Question 2022

THE HUNDREDTH DOVE - Jane Yolen (1939)

Characters: Hugh: (fowler/someone who hunts wild birds for food) The King The Queen (lady Columba) White Dove What was Hugh’s Job? Hugh was the fowler for the king. How many doves does he catch? 100 (99 alive, 1 dead) Who was the white dove? Lady Columba was the dove. What are the rewards the white dove offers Hugh? Fame and fortune, gold and silver, and the love of the Queen What does the king ask Hugh to do? He asks him to catch 100 birds for the wedding feast. What motto does Hugh wear and what does it mean? Hugh wears the motto servo, meaning I serve. What happens when Hugh tries to catch the white dove? The dove slips through the net and flies away. What are two ways Hugh hunts birds? He uses nets and bows. If it is a big bird he uses a bow and arrow, and for small birds like doves he used net After the king tells Hugh his request, how does lady Columba react? She gasps, holds her hand up and tells him not to serve the doves. What two things does Hugh serve? Which comes first? Hug