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  COMPARATIVE & SUPERLATIVE ADJECTIVES Comparative Adjectives We use  comparative   adjectives   to show change or make  comparisons: This car is certainly  better ,   but it's much  more expensive . I'm feeling  happier   now. We need a  bigger  garden. We use  than  when we want to  compare one thing with another : She is two years older  than  me. Narayanghad is much bigger  than  Pokhara. He is a better player  than  Ronaldo. France is a bigger country  than  Britain. When we want to  describe how something or someone changes  we can use two comparatives with “ and ” : The balloon got  bigger and bigger . Everything is getting  more and more expensive . Grandfather is looking  older and older .  We often use “ the ”  with comparative adjectives to  show that one thing depends on another : The faster  you drive,  the more dangerous  it is.   (= When you drive faster, it is more dangerous.) The higher  they climbed,  the colder  it got.   (= When they climbed higher, it g


  CHAPTER 19: FALLACIES •     The word fallacy is often used to describe a popular mistaken belief. “ Fat is bad ” might be said to be a fallacy, since many people do not know that some fats are good for health.  •     However, such factual mistakes are not regarded as fallacies in critical thinking.  •     A  fallacy   is a mistake that violates the principles of correct reasoning. Under this definition, a person can commit a fallacy without making any factual error. Suppose someone argues as follows: •     Some cats have short tails . Some cats have black hair . Some cats have  short tails  and  black hair .  •     This is not a good argument because the  conclusion does not follow from the premises . It is quite possible that those cats with short tails are different from those with black hair. Of course, as a matter of fact, some cats have both short tails and black hair. So the premises and the conclusion are all true. But this is still a bad argument. Someone who accepts this arg