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Business Communication Notes (BIM 2nd Semester) Chapter 1: The Communication Process

Business Communication The Writing Process The writing process involves planning (pre-writing), organising and writing , and revising . First, you must consider the fundamental issues that come with writing. It must have a definitive purpose, either to solve a problem or to convey information.   You may need to be persuasive, trying to convince the receiver about something, and making it acceptable to the receiver.   The message must be clear and concise. You must be audience-focused, trying to look at the problem from the perspective of the audience. Understanding these issues makes the work of a writer easier. Planning Planning is the first phase of the writing process. It begins by identifying the purpose, anticipating how your audience may respond to your message, and based on analysis, adapting your message to the audience. The following steps are not rigidly linear and these can be rearranged, abbreviated, or repeated, depending on the needs of an individual writer: Analyse you