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 Sushila's Determination Vocabulary in Use Find the words from the drama which have the meanings given below. feeling fear and uncertainty = anxiety catching the breath in surprise = gasping thoughtfulness (for the feelings of others) = consideration  lucky = fortunate chart showing the position of the stars at birth, used for fortune-telling = horoscope Reading comprehension Read the drama again and tick the best answer. Sushila’s parents are concerned about her: marriage . Sushila wants to be: a nurse . Sushila seems as she was brought up in an overseas country . According to Sushila, who is lucky? Mrs Ojha At the end, Sushila’s parents decided to: let her join the nursing course . Read the drama again, and answer the following questions. Why don’t Sushila’s parents want to send her to university? Ans: Sushila's parents don't want to send Sushila to a university because they could not afford her fees/because of their poverty. Was her parents’ marriage a love marriage? H


  UNIT 16: CONFIRMING AND DENYING   Jitiya Festival   Vocabulary in use   Read the text above, and find the synonyms of the following words from the text. luck = fortune harmony = good relationships statues = idol renowned = popular poured = flow Reading comprehension Read the text again, and decide whether the following statements are true or false. All women and unmarried girls celebrate Jitiya festival. False It is celebrated all over Nepal. False Married women never go to Maiti to celebrate Jitiya festival. False It is celebrated for three days. True Even the eagle and the jackal are remembered and offered prasad by the devotees of Jitiya. True Jimutavahana is a legendary deity. True Singing and dancing do not play any role during the Jitiya festival. False Read the text again, and answer these questions. Why is Jitiya festival celebrated? Ans: Jitiya festival is celebrated for the good fortune and long life for the husband, children and family members. How long is this festival ce