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This Chapter is set two years after Gatsby’s death. Nick says that what happened after he got to the house and found the body was still clear in his mind. Nick says that one of the officers at the scene looked at Wilson’s body and said that he was a madman. Most of the news headlines the next day had “Madman” as the title of the report. Nick says that at first all of the stories were extremely wild and all untrue. After Michaelis appeared about Wilson’s suspicions on the affair Nick thought that everyone would start writing about ridiculous love stories between Gatsby and Myrtle but Nick was surprised because Catherine, Myrtle’s sister, stood up for Myrtle and said that Myrtle didn’t even know Gatsby. And that Myrtle was happy with her husband. The story eventually came out to be that George Wilson was a man who was disturbed by grief at the loss of his wife and that Gatsby was a random killing. Nick took it upon himself to see that Gatsby had somebody there for him who cared


The beginning of this chapter starts out in the night of the last chapter. Nick couldn’t sleep from all the bad happenings that had happened that day. When it was right around dawn Nick heard a car pull into Gatsby’s house. Nick got up to go meet Gatsby and find out what happened. Gatsby says that nothing happened. He says that he waited there until about 4 am and Daisy came to her room and just turned out the light. Nick and Gatsby sit down and start to smoke cigarettes and Nick tries to convince Gatsby to leave town because he knows that the police will eventually trace the car to Gatsby. Despite Nick’s advice to forget Daisy and leave Long Island there was no way Gatsby was going to leave. He tells Nick about the early days of his relationship with Daisy. He still had a shadow of a hope of getting Daisy. Nick wanted to know more about who Gatsby was but all Gatsby could talk about was Daisy. Gatsby talked about how he first went to her house with a bunch of officers and he