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Humanities through the Arts (A Complete Summary)

PART I: FUNDAMENTALS   Chapter 1: THE HUMANITIES: AN INTRODUCTION Chapter 2: WHAT IS A WORK OF ART? Chapter 3: BEING A CRITIC OF THE ARTS PART 2: THE ARTS Chapter 4: PAINTING Chapter 7: LITERATURE Part 3: Music & Dance Chapter 9: MUSIC Chapter 10: DANCE Part 4: Interrelationships Chapter 15: Interrelationships - THE INTERRELATIONSHIPS OF THE ARTS Chapter 16: INTERRELATIONSHIPS - THE INTERRELATIONSHIPS OF THE HUMANITIES Questions to Practice: We know from history that Guernica memorialises the Nazi bombing of the town of Guernica in the Spanish Civil War in 1937. What is the subject matter of Guernica by Pablo Picasso—what the work is about: War? Death? Horror? Suffering? Fascism? Or something else?   What are some basic differences between viewing a photograph of a real man being killed and viewing a painting of such an event? Does that distinction alone qualify or disqualify either work as a work of art? Elaborate your answer with reference to Francisco Goya, May 3, 1808 .   S ho

Chapter 4: PAINTING