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Deconstructive criticism is a mode of criticism that was developed during the 1960s (1967-present) by  Jacques Derrida  (1930-2004). Jacques Derrida is arguably the most well-known philosopher of the contemporary period. He was a French philosopher credited with being the father of deconstructionism . Experts consider Derrida to be a vital contributor to the fields of modern philosophy and literary criticism . Derrida questioned the central-seeking tendency of western philosophy and developed this mode of criticism. A method of reading and theory of language that seeks to subvert (bring down), dismantle and destroy any notion that a text or signifying system has any boundaries , margins , coherence , unity , determinate meaning , truth or identity . Deconstructive criticism rejects the traditional assumption that language can accurately represent reality . Deconstructionist critics regard language as a fundamentally unstable medium. Since literature is made up of words, literat


Structuralism is a psychological approach that emphasized studying the elemental structures of consciousness. The term “structure” as we know it is a term that evokes/provokes the idea of order. Structuralism in the field of linguistics is based upon the realization that if human actions/productions have a meaning, there must be an underlying system of distinctions and conventions which makes this meaning possible. So, structuralism is a set of theories in the humanities, social sciences and economics. It can be described as approach in academic disciplines in general that explores the relationships between fundamental principal elements in language, literature, and other fields upon which some higher linguistic, social or cultural “structures” and “structural networks” are drawn. Through these networks meaning is produced within a particular person, system or culture. The meaning then frames and motivates the actions of individuals and groups. Like New Criticism , Structuralis