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IELTS Writing Task Samples

Some people think that human history has been a journey from ignorance to knowledge. Others argue that this underestimates the achievements of ancient cultures, and overvalues our achievements. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Write at least 250 words. Some argue that people in the modern world are in possession of much more knowledge than people of ancient cultures. Others believe that this ignores the accomplishments of the past and places too much emphasis on present achievements. While it is undoubtedly true that modern technologies, such as the internet could not have been imagined in ancient cultures, it is a mistake to view these ancient cultures as ignorant. Few would argue that the builders of the Sphinx were mere primitive cavemen, for example. People at the time had the knowledge they needed to understand and deal with their world and in fact one argument that is sometimes put forward is that, even with all we know today, we do not have the t

IELTS 8 Writing Test 2 Answer

In the life of a child, constant learning is not only a must but a natural way of life. This is often split in to learning at school and learning at home. Clearly, both parents and teachers have a role to play in the education of a child, but with the issue of educating a child in how to become a balanced member of society, there has been some debate as to whether teachers or parents should be taking the most responsibility. Firstly, at school, children are effectively members of a community including peers and teachers. In order to succeed in primary and secondary education, they need to be aware of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. As teachers act as mentors and overseers in this environment, it is appropriate that they should be the ones to ensure that their students appreciate and adhere to the expectations of society, both inside and outside school. The experience of being at school ought to enable them to interact as part of a team, while being respectful and appreciativ


Alexander Pope (1688-1744) POPE AND NEOCLASSICAL POETRY ANALYSIS Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot has been described as one of Pope's "most striking achievements, a work of authentic power, both tragic and comic, as well as great formal ingenuity, despite the near-chaos from which it emerged. An epistle is a literary creation in the form of a letter. It is meant to be read by the person to whom it has been addressed as well as by the readers in general. This epistle was written by Pope to Dr. Arbuthnot.  He has presented some varied views in the epistle. However, all the views have been presented to suggest that it was his duty to expose impudence and that he was not afraid of serious opposition if he was performing his duty as a writer. Pope decided to write this epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot as a gratitude for the concern shown by the latter towards him. Arbuthnot had cautioned him about the possible dangers of naming people openly while ridiculing them, particularly the influe