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Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket is a short story by  Jack Finney , originally published by both   Good Housekeeping   and   Collier’s   in 1956 . The story is a suspenseful tale of a man who travels onto a hazardous window ledge (ridge) to retrieve the papers he believes will make his career. Finney was a prolific (creative) writer, recognized for his science fiction novels   The Body Snatchers   and   Time and Again , as well as thrillers, such as   5 Against the House . The story begins with protagonist  Tom Benecke at a desk in the living room of his eleventh-floor apartment in New York City. He is preparing to type up a handwritten memo to be distributed to his office. He finds small ways to distract himself from starting. First, he tries to open a window, but it isn’t easily opened. He has to use quite a bit of force on the frame. Once the window is open, he continues to ignore the typewriter, crossing the room to talk to his wife,  Clare . She is about to go out to th


Anton Chekhov (1860-1904) Ø Tells the story of an affair o    Wealthy Banker ( Dmitry Gurov ) o    Young Wife ( Anna ) Ø Builds off of what is expected o    Affair was thought to be a quick experience o    These characters were surprised to find that not the case o    Specially the Banker  Ø After short affair they meet again o    Rekindle their relationship o    Develop a new chapter in their lives o    Discover themselves Ø The writer presents the Theme and Ideas o    Progression of Character: §    Moving from stereotype to developed §    Dmitri: Rich playboy with no depth becomes entwined with Anna. §    Anna: Moves from  The Lady with the Dog to someone with a name. ·        Relates to getting to know people as well as individual development. o    Open Ending and the Ability to always Discover: §    Feels through the beginning as if he knows who he is §    By the end he understands in old age he can still change and find meaning ·