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Chapter 16: Diagrams of Casual Process

  Chapter 16: Diagrams of Casual Process Diagrams of Causal Processes are visual representations of the relationships and interactions between variables or factors that influence the outcome of a process.   These diagrams aim to capture the direction and magnitude of causal effects and can be used to identify potential confounding (surprising) variables and to plan experiments to test causality.   Causal processes are often complicated. Here are some diagrams that can make them easier to understand. They are also useful in giving presentations. Casual Networks A casual network diagram, also known as a causal loop diagram, is a graphical representation used in systems thinking to identify and understand the relationships between variables and how changes in one variable can impact others.   It is used to analyse complex systems and helps to identify feedback loops and the potential for reinforcing or balancing forces. Casual network diagrams often use arrows to represent the direction