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Deconstructive criticism is a mode of criticism that was developed during the 1960s (1967-present) by  Jacques Derrida  (1930-2004). Jacques Derrida is arguably the most well-known philosopher of the contemporary period. He was a French philosopher credited with being the father of deconstructionism . Experts consider Derrida to be a vital contributor to the fields of modern philosophy and literary criticism . Derrida questioned the central-seeking tendency of western philosophy and developed this mode of criticism. A method of reading and theory of language that seeks to subvert (bring down), dismantle and destroy any notion that a text or signifying system has any boundaries , margins , coherence , unity , determinate meaning , truth or identity . Deconstructive criticism rejects the traditional assumption that language can accurately represent reality . Deconstructionist critics regard language as a fundamentally unstable medium. Since literature is made up of words, literat