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Moti NISSANI In the essay, "Two Long Term Problems: Too Many People, Too Few Trees" a noted scholar Moti Nissani discusses two inter related problems: overpopulation and deforestation . With their impact showing several consequences of the twin problems, the writer makes us aware about our duties to solve them and to save the bio-sphere for our future generation. The essay starts with the world’s scientists concern over the earth’s environment. It is becoming much polluted. The air, water, and soil, which are regarded to be the most important things for the existence of any living species, are becoming poisonous and many kinds of plants and animals have already disappeared. Moti Nissani brings the issue of 1500 world's scientists' The World's Scientists Warning to Humanity and the joint statement of U.S. National Academy and Royal Society of London regarding the condition of the present world. They are worried about the present condition of the world.


William Butler YEATS (1865-1939) Although I shelter from the rain Under a broken tree My chair was nearest to the fire In every company That talked of love or politics Ere Time transfigured me. Though lads are making pikes again For some conspiracy, And crazy rascals rage their fill At human tyranny, My contemplations are of Time That has transfigured me. There's not a woman turns her face Upon a broken tree, And yet the beauties that I loved Are in my memory; I spit into the face of Time That has transfigured me. Notes & References ere: before (conj.) pike:  a weapon consisting of a pointed blade on the end of a long pole (n.) transfigure: completely transform into something else Summary on Youth and Age Life is a journey from womb to tomb. A person has to pass different phases of life throughout his life. A child of yesterday becomes a young man today, and will be called an old tomorrow. Eventually, s/he disapp