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Edgar Allan Poe The Tell -Tale Heart   is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe first published in  1843 . It is told by an unnamed narrator. The story presents murderous act done by a boy and confessions done later. Poe describe that our heart cannot really hide the inner reality. Despite desire of secrecy, our heart reveals what there is. The narrator of this story claims that he is not mad as he could hear things in the heaven, earth and hell. To justify him saint, he confesses dangerous crime he has committed. The narrator and the old man used to live together; they had very good relationship. The boy used to love the man very much. The old man also used to treat him well. The only thing that irritated the boy was the eye of him. The narrator could not stand the sight of the old man's pale, filmy blue eye. The narrator claims that he was so afraid of the eye, which reminds him of a vulture's that he decided to kill the man so he would no longer have to see it. Althoug