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SECTION 1: Language Development - UNIT 7: Ecology and Development

Foresters without Diplomas  Match the words with their meanings. constituency - (iv) electron district pursue - (iii) to follow in an effort to overtake or capture  infiltrate - (v) to enter or gain access to (an organisation, place etc.) secretly and gradually nomadic - (ii) living the life of roaming anatomy - (vi) art of studying the different parts of any organised body subversive - (i) seeking or intended to overthrow an established system or institution   Study the following words. PREFIX WORDS PREFIX WORDS mal maldevelopment, malpractice, malfunction, malnourished, malnutrition mis misbehave, misplace, misfortune, misspell, mistrust, mismatch, misshaped, mislead, mistake,  un unable, unhappy, unfair, untrue, uncertain, untidy, unwell, unclear in inactive, incomplete, insufficient, independent, incompatible, incredible, indefinitely   pre prepaid, predetermine, preview, prehistorically, predeterminers, preconscious, predefining, prediction, prefixes, predate, il illegal