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Chapter 9: MUSIC

  Unit 3: Music & Dance Humanities through the arts   Subodh Bhattarai 2022 3.1 Music Music is one of the most powerful of the arts partly because sounds—more than any other sensory stimulus—create in us involuntary reactions, pleasant or unpleasant.   Live concerts, whether of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Wynton Marsalis at Lincoln Centre, or Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band on tour, usually produce delight in their audiences. Yet, in all cases, people rarely analyse the music. It may seem difficult to connect analysis with the experience of listening to music, but everyone benefits from an understanding of some of the fundamentals of music.   3.1 Music (Hearing & Listening) Music can be experienced in two basic ways: “hearing” or “listening.”   Hearers do not attempt to perceive accurately either the structure or the details of the form.   Most hearers prefer richly melodic music, but when one asks hearers if the melody was repeated exactly or varied, or whether