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William Wordsworth (1770-1850) William Wordsworth  (7 April 1770 – 23 April 1850) was a major English Romantic poet who, with  Samuel Taylor Coleridge , helped to launch the  Romantic Age  in  English literature  with their joint publication  Lyrical Ballads  (1798). He is regarded as one of the most accomplished and influential of England's romantic poets, whose theories and style created a new tradition in poetry. William Wordsworth was at once the oldest, the greatest, and the most long-lived among the romantic poets. He made himself the leader of the Romantic Movement. The basic traits (attributes) of romanticism such as the love of nature, the belief in humanity, mysticism, revolutionary spirit etc. were early developed in his poetry. As a young man he had high hopes for humanity and he had been nurtured in the Lake District which helped him to think well on man. He also read Rousseau’s view on the innocence of man. Thus, the teaching of Rousseau and his own experien