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Chapter 8: Cultural and Ideological Turns

Chapter 8: Cultural and Ideological Turns ●       The cultural turn and the ideological turn are two important developments in translation studies that have occurred since the 1980s. The cultural turn is a shift in focus from the linguistic aspects of translation to the cultural and ideological aspects. This shift was influenced by the rise of cultural studies, which emphasizes the role of culture in shaping our understanding of the world. The ideological turn is a further development of the cultural turn, which focuses on the role of ideology in translation. Ideology is a system of beliefs and values that shapes our understanding of the world. It can be used to justify or legitimize certain practices, including translation. ●       The cultural and ideological turns have had a significant impact on translation studies. They have led to a more nuanced (refined) understanding of the translation process, and they have also raised important questions about the role of translation in socie

BBA/BBS/BHM/BIM/DHM/MBA/MBS Complete Notes on Business Communication

  Please click the chapter-wise links to go through the notes on Business Communication: Chapter 1: The Communication Process Chapter 2: Business Communication - Concept/Nature/Historical Perspectives/Purpose/Functions/Importance/Characteristics/Components/Types/Principles/Challenges of Business Communication Chapter 3: Skills and Values in Business Communication Chapter 4: Electronic and Other Messages Examples and Explanations of  Memos/Notices/Letters Case Studies Examples of Solicited and Unsolicited  Job Applications Writing Letters Job Application 1 Job Application & CV - II CV/Résumé Business Letter - Complaint Letter Sample Letter - III Writing an Email - Business Communication MEMOrandums Professional Email Message Guidelines Job Application/Sales/Resignation Letter - AI Types of Communication - Verbal/Nonverbal/Visual & Barriers of Business Communication Meaning of Communication/Dangers of Poor Communication/Seven Key Factors to Creating Good Relationship/ Business Do

Job Application (Solicited & Unsolicited)

  Job Applications Example of Unsolicited Job Application: Tilottama - 5, Manigram, Rupandehi 3 August 2023 The Principal, Shree Baal School Butwal, Rupandehi Dear Sir, I am writing to know if there is any vacancy for an English teacher at your school. I have been teaching English at National English School as a part time teacher for three years. I entirely wish to work as a full time teacher. Therefore, I would like to know the position of your school. I have done my B.A. from Rajya Campus, Rupandehi scoring 65% marks majoring in English literature. I would like to promise that I would entirely complete my suits and responsibilities to be endorsed to if the opportunity to serve your school would be provided. The enclosed copy of my C.V. will tell you in detail about my qualifications and experience. I am looking forward to hearing a favorable response from you.   Yours faithfully, ………………….. Govind Karki Example of Solicited Job Application: Butwal, Rupandehi 3 August 2023 The Principa