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A Letter to the Editor Urging Why Smoking Should be Outlawed at Public Places

 A Letter to the Editor urging why smoking should be outlawed at public places  The Editor The Kathmandu Post Central Business Park Kathmandu Subject: Harms of Smoking at Public Places Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to express my concern over the issue of smoking. The causes of smoking are many. One starts this harmful habit in the company of bad friends, loneliness, or by watching actors in the movies. These smoking scenes in movies depicting cine stars smoking has many adverse effects on the viewers, especially the youngsters. I think that we should do more to stop smoking because it is not healthy for the human body and it will take a long time to get back to being healthy. Smoking is not only dangerous for smokers, but also for the people around the smokers. Additionally, it pollutes the Earth when people throw cigarettes on the ground. So, I believe that the Government must ban smoking in public places to discourage it among people. Banning smoking will save lots of lives and

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Conditionals describe the result of a certain condition. The if  clause tells you the condition ( If you study hard ) and the main clause tells you the result ( you will pass your exams ). The order of the clauses does not change the meaning. If you study hard , you will pass your exams. [1] You will pass your exams if you study hard . [2] ★ If you are writing a sentence starting with if clause , you have to place comma (,) just before the main clause [1] .   ★ If you are starting a sentence with main clause then you don’t have to place comma before if clause [2] . Conditional sentences are often divided into different types. Zero conditional We use the zero conditional to talk about things that are generally true, especially for laws and rules. The structure is:  if/when + present simple >> present simple If I drink too much coffee , I can't sleep at night. Ice melts if you heat it . When the sun goes down , it gets dark. First Conditional We use the first cond


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