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 Siddhicharan Shrestha (1912 - 1992) Translated by - Shreedhar Lohani Arise! Wake up! Reveal the hidden O New Nepal Speak up truth and beauty! Let the cleanest current of consciousness Gush forth with vigour  O New Nepal Jump up and soar over This black uphill precipice. Set free the courage Stifled with age-long persecution O New Nepal Send packing the worn-out disorder With furious laughter. Let the advancing foot Take the new step To bring forth the bright day O New Nepal Bless us with courage and caution Power and union. Distasteful rituals Heartless class divisions Away with all such idle forces O New Nepal Let the living thoughts  Resplendent within Nepali hearts Conflagrate and open up. Those not-to-be done acts Performed in desperation Under the cankerous inequality of wealth  By hungry stomachs and barebacks Annihilate all such evil elements O New Nepal! Glossary:  Consciousness - awareness Gush - flow out of something in a rapid and plentiful stream Forth - ahead in time Vigo

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