2. Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology (LBC BMS Sociology Notes)

Learning Objectives Explain sociological perspective. Learn about functionalism, interactionism, conflict theory, and postmodernism. Evaluate the contributions of key figures like  Emile Durkheim ,  Talcott Parsons ,  G. H. Mead ,  Herbert   Blumer ,  Karl Marx ,  Max Weber ,  Fredric Jameson  and  Jean Baudrillard's  to these perspectives. What is Theory? "A theory is a set of closely related ideas we use to make sense of things. It's like a puzzle where all the pieces fit together. It's a logical system made up of ideas, definitions, and statements that explain how different parts of something are connected. According to  Abraham Francis , a theory has these traits: It uses clear concepts and logical statements. It's like a structured blueprint using symbols. It's flexible - we can change it as we learn more. It matches what we already know and can be tested with evidence. Sociological Perspective A sociological perspective is like putting on a pair of glas
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