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Elaine H. Kim, Korea (1961-) Elaine H. Kin is a professor at the department of  Ethnic Studies  in the  University of California  in the USA. As a Korean-American writer, she has expressed her childhood and educational experience in America. She has analysed how gender, race and economic class make an impact on personal life. In her autobiographical writing “ Then and Now: Finding My Voice ”, Elaine H. Kim presents her turmoil (a violent disturbance) and personal teenage experience as a Korean refugee child in the USA during the decade of 1950s and 1960s. She expresses the painful suffering that she had undergone in the USA during the post-conflict situation of Korea and its people in the USA. The writer loved fortune telling and she visited many fortune tellers and  shamans  (priest-doctors) in Korea. It was suggested that her destiny would give success and happiness to a man. But a disaster for women she would be a better wife or a mother. Some women's fortune teller predicates


Chinua Achebe, Nigeria (1930-2013) Characters : 1.  The story shows the conflict between the old generation and a new generation.  2. Marriage is a private affair and young people should have the right and freedom to choose life partners. The parents shouldn't interfere and they should adopt the democratic pattern. They should never impose their thoughts on their mature sons or daughters.  Nnaemeka (Modern Son) (Ibo Tribe) Nene Atang (Nnaemeka's Wife/a school teacher) (from Logos) Okeke (Conservative Father) Ugoye Nweke (Daughter of Jacob Nweke, Okeke's neighbour) Chinua Achebe’s story “ Marriage Is a Private Affair ” opens with a discussion between a young woman named Nene and a young man named Nnaemeka, who live in Lagos, Nigeria; they are in love and plan to marry. Nene wants Nnaemeka to inform his father of their plan as soon as possible, but the young man is nervous. He anticipates that his father, a member of the Ibo tribe who lives in rural Nigeria, will not approve


Ray Bradbury, USA (1920-2012) " A Sound of Thunder " is a science fiction short story by Ray Bradbury . The story is about a man named Eckels who is a passionate hunter. Eckels travels back in time to kill a dinosaur but his actions alter the balance of nature and he changes the future. The author uses a series of unique describing techniques, which make this story full of surprises.  Ray Bradbury presents the fact of how the small act of human beings at present can change the future drastically.  The story is set in 2055. A hunter named Eckels goes on an adventure travelling back into the past on a safari to kill a  Tyrannosaurus Rex . As they wait to depart, they talk about the recent presidential elections, in which an apparently fascist candidate,  Deutscher , has just been defeated by the more moderate  Keith , to the relief of many people. After the party arrives in the past,  Travis  (the hunting guide) and  Lesperance  (Travis's assistant) warn Eckels