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Did I Miss Anything? Summary: The poem “Did I Miss Anything?” is written from two distinct points of view. They are the student’s point of view and the teacher’s point of view. The words “nothing” and “everything” represent the student’s point of view and the teacher’s point of view respectively. Stanza one is written from the students' point of view. It reveals the fact that the teacher is missing in the classroom. In the teacher’s absence, the students simply sit in silence , with their hands folded on the desks. Stanza two is written from the teacher’s point of view. It tells how he has given heavily weighted exams, assigned readings, and prepared a quiz. Stanza three represents students' perspective. Here, a typical student blames that the classroom education is valueless, meaningless and a waste of time. It will have no effect or purpose later in life. However, in stanza four, the poet explains why education is important. It claims that through education a person is e

UNIT 5. Criticising and Expressing Degrees of Probability