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SECTION 1: Language Development - UNIT 5: LIFE AND LOVE

SECTION 1: Language Development UNIT 5: LIFE AND LOVE Ways with Words Match the words with their meanings. 1. exhausted vi. tired 2. apparent  vii. clear 3. vista i. vision 4. undulating ii. predetermined 5. stuffy v. suffocating/airless 6. restrain iv. prevent/hinder Write the meaning and word class of the following words. Then use them in sentences of your own. implore - beg/prey (verb) He implored me to finish my work on time. despair - a state in which all hope is lost or absent (noun) She put her face in her hands to hide the despair it would show. beseech - ask for or request earnestly/press (verb) I will fall at his feet and beseech him. eloquent - speaking readily, clearly, and effectively (adjective) He is said to have been a good talker and an eloquent preacher. whirl - move or cause to move rapidly round and round (verb) Clothes were whirling in the washing machine. egoism - concern for your own interests and welfare (noun) His egoism prevented him from real

The Gift in Wartime - Tran Mong Tu (Translated by Vann Phan) - Summary & Analysis

  The Gift in Wartime            Tran Mong Tu (Translated by Vann Phan) Tran Mong Tu  was born and grown up in Hai Dong, North Vietnam in 1943. She frequently contributes poems and short stories to Vietnamese literary publications in the US and other countries.  “War is a terrible thing,”  says Tran, who has first-hand experience of the Vietnam War (1954-1975). According to Tran, “The Vietnam War is a shameful experience, for both Vietnamese and Americans.” Many people in both countries felt the terrible tragedy of the war. Losses in the war were heavy; more than two million Vietnamese and 57,000 Americans died. In the poem  'The Gift in Wartime' , Tran addresses an absent person (a loveable person). For example, as she says, “I offer you roses,” the person to whom she is speaking is not present and can neither hear nor understand what she is saying (because he is no more). The theme of the poem is the consequences of the war amongst the humans. War never brings peace, happines