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The Allegory of the Cave - Plato (428-347 B.C.)

Plato is an ancient Greek philosopher, born in approximately 428 BCE. Plato spent much of his time in Athens and was a student of the philosopher Socrates and eventually the teacher of Aristotle. He is also one of the most important philosophers in history. He made notable contributions to ethics, the study of values and morality, metaphysics, the study of the basic assumptions and ideas that frame the world, and epistemology, the study of knowledge. Most of Plato's works are dialogues, in which two or more people engage in a conversation about one or more theoretical topics. The dialogues are not records of actual conversations, but Plato, nevertheless, bases the characters in his dialogues on real people. The most notable recurring character is based on his teacher Socrates. Plato , in  Allegory of the Cave , attempted to answer some of the philosophical questions, most notably about the nature of reality. He tells the 'Allegory of the Cave' as a conversation between his