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A Red, Red Rose - Robert Burns (Complete Summary and Analysis)

  A Red, Red Rose Robert Burns (1759-1796) A Red, Red Rose  is a poem composed by Scotland's national poet,  Robert Burns . It was first published in  1794  in a collection of traditional Scottish songs set to music. Burns poem was inspired both by a simple Scots song he had heard in the country and by published ballads from the period. The poem  'A Red, Red Rose'  is a lyrical ballad  (a poem or song narrating a story in short stanzas. Traditional ballads are typically of unknown authorship, having been passed on orally from one generation to the next.)  that describes the speaker’s deep love for his beloved and promises that this love will last longer than human life and even the planet itself, remaining afresh and constant forever. The beloved of the speaker is as beautiful as the red rose and as sweet as the music. With the help of the literary devices (simile, metaphor, repetition etc.), the poet has sketched a very vivid and realistic picture of his profound (deep) lo

An Astrologer's Day - R.K. Narayan (Textual Summary and Analysis)

AN ASTROLOGER’S DAY R.K. Narayan Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayan  (1906-2001) was an Indian writer known for his works set in the fictional South Indian town of Malgudi. He was born in Madras, South India. He wrote many novels including  Swami and Friends ,  The Bachelor of Arts  and  The English Teacher , along with short stories and other works. He was among the best known and most widely read Indian novelists who wrote in English.  He highlighted the social context and everyday life of his characters .  Astrology is a form of fortune telling, originated in ancient Babylonia. It has been practised in many cultures, including ancient Rome, Greece, India, and China.  'An Astrologer's Day'   is a thriller, suspense story describing a day in the life of an astrologer who makes his living by selling cosmic insights to innocent villagers, though he has no knowledge of the cosmos or actual spiritual insight.    This story is about a day’s event in the life of an astrologer w

Summary of Corona Says - Vishnu S Rai

  "CORONA SAYS" Vishnu S Rai  (1951-) was educated in India, Nepal, and the UK. He taught English at Tribhuvan University for three decades and retired as Professor of English Language Education. Rai writes both in English and Nepali. He has written stories  Martyrs & Other Stories   (English), play  Realities   (English), travelogues  Nau Dandapari   (Nepali), and a novel  Paheli   (Nepali).  But above all he is a poet and he has published  Sudama   (a semi epic in Nepali),  Jeevan   (a collection of poems in Nepali),  Vagabond  Verses  (a collection of poems in English), and  Tritiyaki joon   (a collection of songs and gazals in Nepali, and  his English poems are taught in Nepal and abroad. Rai is known as a poet of human emotions .    The poem,  Corona Says ,  written on the theme of the present world crisis Corona and its devastating impact on human life, is an indirect satire on man's conduct and attitude. It views COVID – 19 as the by-product of man's treatm