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Job Application (Solicited & Unsolicited)

  Job Applications Example of Unsolicited Job Application: Tilottama - 5, Manigram, Rupandehi 3 August 2023 The Principal, Shree Baal School Butwal, Rupandehi Dear Sir, I am writing to know if there is any vacancy for an English teacher at your school. I have been teaching English at National English School as a part time teacher for three years. I entirely wish to work as a full time teacher. Therefore, I would like to know the position of your school. I have done my B.A. from Rajya Campus, Rupandehi scoring 65% marks majoring in English literature. I would like to promise that I would entirely complete my suits and responsibilities to be endorsed to if the opportunity to serve your school would be provided. The enclosed copy of my C.V. will tell you in detail about my qualifications and experience. I am looking forward to hearing a favorable response from you.   Yours faithfully, ………………….. Govind Karki Example of Solicited Job Application: Butwal, Rupandehi 3 August 2023 The Principa

Chapter 3: Electronic and Other Messages

NOTICES ·      Notice is a short piece of communication written in a formal style to convey important information to a group of people in an organisation. ·      Most organisations have notice boards posted around the offices, which are used to bring special items to the attention of all staff. It can even be published in a newspaper. ·      The government when it issues notices must publish it in national and local papers. There are different purposes of notice which are: ·        To display information to a specific group of people. ·        To announce social events ·        To report matters of interest to staff ·        To inform staff of new procedures ·        To advertise posts for internal appointment ·        To remind staff of company procedures FORMAT OF NOTICE ·     There is no single rigid format of notice. Different people/organisations use different formats. However, most of organisations tend to use the following format:            i.         Name of the Issuing Organi