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IELTS Academic Speaking

Speaking Part 1 Common Topics List Work Study Hometown Home Art Birthdays Childhood Clothes Computers Daily routine Dictionaries Evenings Family & Friends Flowers Food Going Out Happiness Hobbies Internet Leisure time Music Neighbours & Neighbourhood Newspapers Pets Reading Shopping Sport TV Transport Weather Main Topics for IELTS Speaking Part 1 These four topics are the most common in IELTS speaking part 1. You should prepare ideas and practice answering these questions. Work What is your job? Where do you work? Why did you choose that job? Is it a popular job in your country? Do you like your job? Do you get on well with your colleagues? What was your first day like? What responsibilities do you have at work? If you had the chance, would you change your job? Do you plan to continue with your job in the future? Study What do you study? Where do you study that? Why did you choose that subject?