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3. Grammar and Literary Style

3. Grammar and Literary Style Grammar & Literary Style: Introduction ·         Many people resist the idea of analyzing the grammar of sentences in a poem or a novel because they feel it destroys their enjoyment of the text.   ·         However, knowing how something works does not necessarily always require losing pleasure in it. Think of a   beautifully crafted clock   and its component parts. If you knew how it was put together, and understood how all the parts were interconnected with each other? Some clocks even openly display the way that they work as part of their   aesthetic appeal . ·         Stylistic analysis   of a text allows us to examine the workings of the text.   ·         This breaking down of the text into component parts enables us to analyse each component on its own terms, and understand how it fits together with other components.   ·         When it ’ s put back together again, into a sentence, or a set of sentences, we can then see more clearly the relations