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Put these words below into the correct order to make suitable sentences.

  Put these words below into the correct order to make suitable sentences. 1 his life London all he his In lived           He has lived in London all his life.  or:  All his life he has lived in London. 2 stamps stamp he in his keeps album a           He keeps his stamps in a stamp album. 3 animals it and to at of is birds look stamps interesting     It is interesting to look at stamps of birds and animals. ( or:  …  of animals and birds.) 4 stamps winter at a to and is look time Sit good     Winter is a good time sit and look at stamps.  o r : A good time to sit and look at stamps is winter. 5 stamps country possible lot it its a to is from about a learn It is possible to learn a lot about a country fro its stamps. o r : From its stamps it is possible to learn a lot about a country. 6 medicine wanted study he to                 He wanted to study medicine. 7 years she English four was for compulsory studying           She was studying compulsory English for four years. 8 official he a


  IDIOMS & PHRASAL VERBS ●       An  idiom  has a meaning you can't figure out from the individual words. Knowing the words “ hot ” and “ potato ” won't help you understand the idiom “ hot potato ” if you've never heard of it before. ●       A  phrasal verb  is a verb made up of a ( base) verb  and one or more  particles , which together  create a new meaning . ○       For example, the verb " pick " and the particle " up " combine to form the phrasal verb " pick up ," which means " to lift or take up ." ●       An idiom  is a phrase or expression that has a  figurative meaning  different from the  literal meaning  of the individual words. ○       For example, the idiom " kick the bucket " means  to die . Both are used in spoken and written English, but idioms are often more specific to a particular culture or region and may be more difficult for speakers from other cultures to understand. Given below are some commonly us